At Chicago Commercial, we understand how hard it can be to sell your own commercial property. Many times you have to make the decision to move your business, or let go of some of your portfolio, but you still want to get a fair price out of the property when you sell. Many of those who try to sell a commercial property on their own end up making mistakes that can greatly cost them. When you are ready to sell your commercial property, make sure to contact our professionals at Chicago Commercial.

The biggest differences you will notice between selling a commercial property compared to a residential home is the way that these properties are valued. With a commercial property, there is a lot of weight placed on the amount of income that this property can give when determining the value. This adds a lot of burden on you as a seller to provide the right documentation to potential buyers.

This is just one of the extra things you will need to do extra when selling your commercial property. You also need to deal with higher appraisal expenses for the buyer, environmental reports, different methods of financing, and even different types of buyers.

Finding ways to streamline the process can help to give your buyer the confidence that your commercial property is perfect for them. And the more confidence the buyer has in your property, the more likely you will be to sell the property quickly. Our professionals at Chicago Commercial have helped many clients sell their commercial property, in many different circumstances. This allows us to be here to help you walk through the complicated process of selling your property as quickly as possible.

We can even help you to gather all the documents that you need to prove the value of your business. Remember that buyers of commercial properties are more cautious about these purchases than ever before, so the more paperwork that you have available, the easier the sell. Some of the documents that we can help you collect including

  • Copies of utility and tax bills
  • Permits for the work you have done on the property
  • Copy of the title deed
  • Copy of all mortgage information
  • Any environmental studies or appraisals you have had done
  • Copies of the leases if applicable.
  • Rent rolls.

All of these can help show the buyer the true value of the property and can convince them that this is the right property for their needs.

Do you need help appraising your property? Do you need help gathering your documents? Or do you need help setting up the property so that it attracts the right buyers right away? Make sure to contact us at Chicago Commercial. We are here to help you every step of the way. No matter where your property is located, how big it is, or what unique features it can provide to the potential buyer, we are here to help you sell your property quickly and for the best price.

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